Friday, September 2, 2011

(142)Heat Wave by Nancy Thayer

Heat Wave

Publication Date: June 21, 2011
304 Pages

One last Nantucket book before the Summer comes to an official close. Next up is another Nantucket author, Nancy Thayer.

In her new book, Heat Wave, Nancy Thayer introduces us to Carly. Carly has recently had her world rocked when her husband passes away leaving her a widow with two young daughters. Heat Wave is Carly's story as she struggles with her new normal. Her in-laws are mourning just like she is, but don't make it easy for her and the decisions she makes. As life continues without her husband Carly's life changes and evolves in ways she never thought possible. Will Carly be able to find happiness again or is she destined for a lifetime of mourning?

Heat Wave is not your typical Nantucket beach read. Carly and her family (like many of Nancy Thayer's characters) are year round residents. They see the the ebb and flow of island life. But the story is a good one to read. About how a young woman perseveres through hardship. She needs to take care of her girls and she is resourceful in how she goes about taking care of them. The book is a fast read and well worth an afternoon to read it, I promise.


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I remember the carefree summer days when I used to ride my bike to the public library to pick out new books. I would go almost daily to find books to read. I read to learn. I read to explore the world. I read to escape. I read because not reading is not an option.

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