Monday, September 5, 2011

(143)Damage Control by Denise Hamilton

Damage Control

Publication Date : August 30, 2011
384 Pages

I had never heard of Denise Hamilton when I got the chance to read Damage Control. Until I Googled her name, I assumed that Damage Control was her debut novel, boy was I wrong! Denise Hamilton is a best selling author of crime novels and LA Noir. Damage Control is her newest novel to be set in the Hollywood Hills.

Thirty-Three year old Maggie Silver is just coasting through life. She is recently divorced, struggling to pay her upside-down mortgage and has her mother living with her. She has recently taken a job with the most high profile PR firm in Los Angles. Up until now she has been handling stars and and their nanny issues. But now, now she has been put on a high profile case involving a Senator. What Maggie doesn't realize until she is in the Senator's living room is that the Senator is Henry Paxton. The father of her high school best friend, Annabelle. The Senator's young, beautiful aide, was found strangled to death in a hotel room registered to the Senator. Maggie and her colleagues are called in to minimize the damage to the Senator's reputation. But being in the Paxton family home brings back so many memories for Maggie. Once again she finds herself in the middle of situations she doesn't understand with people far more rich and powerful than herself.

Will Maggie be able to help her old friend and her family? Or will the "unknown" in the situation spin everything out of control and put Maggie in fear for her life?

I really, really enjoyed Damage Control. Maggie is a great character. One that I could relate to on many levels. She just wanted to do a good job for her boss, but she didn't realize that might mean putting her life in danger. Denise Hamilton did an excellent job with the twists and turns in Damage Control. Just when I thought I had the "whodunit" figured out she threw another kink into my logic. I just LOVE it when an author keeps me on my toes! A great novel, perfect for those rainy fall nights!


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