Thursday, September 1, 2011

(141)The Stranger You Seek by Amanda Kyle Williams

The Stranger You Seek 

Publication Date: August 30, 2011
304 Pages

HOLY SMOKES!  I just finished The Stranger You Seek and my heart is still racing!  All you lovers of the well done suspense thriller must run right out and pick up The Stranger You Seek.

Keye Street is somewhat a broken person.  Her life and career were destroyed by her addiction to alcohol.  Now in recovery she makes her living chasing down bond jumpers and investigates cheating spouses.  The work pays the bills, but she craves more.  She craves the hunt. Her job as a profiler with the BAU was her dream job.  When a serial killer shows up in Atlanta, Keye won't admit it, but she is thrilled to be asked by her best friend, Rauser,  to use her rusty profiling skills to help track the killer.  The killer ramps things up and after an unfortunate incident with someone she thought was her friend, Keye and Rauser are sure they have the killer.  But do they really?  Or was Charlie set up at the hands of someone much more sinister?

Okay - I will be honest, I was about half way through this book and I thought I had the twist all figured out.  I was confident in my superiority and was plotting my disappointing review because I had figured it out so soon in the book.  I was only half right.  And it was in the last ten pages that I realized my fatal error and I was SHOCKED.  SHOCKED, like gasped out loud, shocked.  Well played Ms. Williams, well played.

For a debut author, Amanda Kyle Williams has hit a homerun.  Keye is a wonderfully flawed heroine who has surrounded herself with the most unique characters.  It is a recipe for success and I look forward to many, many stories to come.


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