Saturday, January 7, 2017

(4)Troublemaker by Leah Remini

This time last year everybody was talking about a documentary on Netflix.  This year everybody is talking about Leah Remini and her A&E show about Scientology.   I have watched the first couple of episodes and have been left speechless by the actions of this "church,"  I have had Troublemaker on my "TBR" list for quite a while.  So, I dusted it off and got to know Leah Remini.

I have been a fan of Leah Remini ever since we discovered the King of Queens. She is just as feisty in real life as her on-screen persona, Carrie.   She talks about her childhood from her early years in New York, to her family's joining the Church of Scientology and moving to Florida.  It is absolutely crazy when you read everything she did and had to do while in the Sea Org. One of the most shocking things to me was how dismissive the "church" was in regards to education for the children.   As long as they were doing everything they were supposed to in the church, they really did not care about traditional education.    Leah then goes on to talk about her family moving to California and how hard she hustled to break into the business.

Leah talks about her famous friends, her hours spent at the church, and the success of her career.  The King of Queens, The Talk, and her removal from The Talk.  Then she talks about the famous TomKat wedding and how that was the beginning of the end for her involvement in the church. She really started to question things at the wedding when she saw so many "devout" people breaking policy and doing things the church strictly forbade.  Yet it was her that got in trouble for questioning the whereabouts of the wife of the church's leader.  It was fascinating to read and I couldn't stop reading.   Her hurt and anger were so evident with every word she wrote.  She truly felt betrayed by an organization she had been loyal to and had spent so much time and money on in her life.

Bottom line - In Troublemaker, Leah Remini has written a brutally honest memoir about her life.  The majority of the book is about Scientology, but that was the majority of her life.  But I learned one thing, what you see is what you get with Leah Remini.  I respect that in a person and I respect the fact that she has taken on Scientology with the hopes of exposing them for what they do.



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