Sunday, January 8, 2017

(5)The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

The Chemist is a woman who knows too much and has been on the run for several years from the government agency that wants her dead. Her job for the government was that of a "fixer."  Her skills in the arena of interrogation made her invaluable to her agency and she saved thousands, if not millions, of lives with the information she gathered from terrorists.  Her mentor prepped her for the fact that the agency may no longer need her skills someday and when that day comes she needs to be prepared to run for her life.   When that day arrives, her mentor is killed and she runs.  Long gone is her name, Juliet.  Instead, she goes by names like Chris or Alex.  Her days are spent researching and planning her next escape.  She sleeps in a bathtub wearing a gas mask, she is fighting for her life.  Her former handler has reached out to her with a way to get her life back.  The agency is in need of her skills again in order to save the country from a planned biological attack. That is how she meets the Beach brothers.  She is led to believe that Daniel Beach is tied to the drug lord with the evil plans and uses her skills to get as much information as she can about the plot.  But it doesn't go as planned and soon The Chemist is on the run with Daniel and his brother, Kevin.  Will they ever be able to be free from the agency and lead a normal life?

Stephenie Meyer is best known for her hit YA series, Twilight.   She took a lot of flack for her heroine getting into trouble and needing to be rescued by a man (or werewolf or vampire).  She moves to the extreme opposite side of the spectrum.  Alex (as she is mostly referred to in the book) is quite the heroine.  She is incredibly intelligent and resourceful, not to mention pretty good with a gun, although she prefers other means of defense.  Not only is she quite capable of taking care of herself, but she rescues not one, but two men.  The Chemist is a pretty fast paced thriller.  It isn't really a mystery, more of a "will they survive" type of story.   While the cheese factor is considerably lower with The Chemist than her other books, there is still a smidge of cheesy romance included.   Oh and there are puppy dogs!   With one GSD as a major character!   Overall, I did enjoy the book and was satisfied with the conclusion.

Bottom line - many people may shy away from reading The Chemist because of the author's cheesy reputation, but they shouldn't.  The Chemist is a great espionage thriller with a strong female heroine, and that is very rare for the spy thriller genre.



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