Tuesday, January 3, 2017

(3)Everything You Want Me To Be by Mindy Mejia

Life in Pine Valley, Minnesota is quiet and peaceful, some would even say that it was boring.  That is until one spring day the body of eighteen-year-old Hattie is found in an old barn. Things like this just don't happen in Pine Valley and the whole town is buzzing with who could have killed Hattie.   She was brutally murdered and it is up to Sheriff Del Goodman to find out who killed her and why.  As more information is revealed you learn that Hattie was not the good girl that everybody thought she was.  She had dreams and aspirations and was not willing to let anybody get in her way.  Will the Sheriff be able to solve Hattie's murder before the whole town goes crazy with fear and rumors?

Everything You Want Me To Be is pretty much every parent's worst nightmare, especially if they are the parent of a teen.   The title of the book one of the most accurate titles ever - almost heartbreakingly so.  The book is told from three different viewpoints - Hattie's, Del's, and Peter Lund.  Peter is Hattie's high school English teacher and was forced to move to Pine Valley to care for his wife's sick mother.  The timeline jumps around a bit, leading up to the crime (Hattie and Peter) and after the crime (the Sheriff).   Hattie has grand illusions of leaving Pine Valley for New York City but is hindered by her age and naivete.  Hattie was like most teenage girls, she was extremely confident and possessed a self-assurance that many adults would envy.   Peter Lund was a jerk.  I thought he was a jerk from the very beginning, but he played such a big role in Hattie's life, he was important to the story.  There were also friends of Hattie's that had huge parts in the story, like her friend Porsha and boyfriend.  Ultimately, the killer is revealed and I wasn't that shocked.  I hadn't figured out the killer, but it wasn't that shocking.  - CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS

Bottom line - I really enjoyed Everything You Wanted Me To Be.  It wasn't the type of mystery that has you on the edge of your seat, but the complexity of the story and the characters really made it a gripping novel.



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