Wednesday, July 7, 2010

(100) I Remember You by Harriet Evans

My husband and I went on a mini-vacation for the long holiday weekend. I did not crack my laptop open once while we were gone. But, I did crack open my nook! First up was the latest from Harriet Evans.

Harriet Evans is one of those "Chick Lit" authors that doesn't seem very "Chick Lit"-ish. I love books set in the UK (shocking, I know) and I have read a lot of them. I always seem to connect more with the characters that Harriet Evans creates than any other author.

I Remember You was no different. Tess Tennant reminds me of me. A bookish type of woman oblivious to what is really going on around her. Will she wake up in time to see the love that has been right in front of her all along?

Tess grew up in a small English village with her best friend, Adam right across the road. Their lives have been intertwined since the day they were born. For the good and the bad. After their eighteenth summer, Tess takes off for the city and never looks back. Until she receives an offer too good to refuse. She goes back to find Adam living the life she left behind. Can they resume the friendship that once meant so much to them both?

I guess I am a romantic girly girl that just loves to read books about unrequited love. I think that is because I have experienced the heartache of unrequited love more than once in my life. Harriet Evans has once again written a touching book that hit it's target. My heart.


Shon said...

I have yet to read a book by this author despite the positive reviews I've read about her books. I Remember You is on my list to read. Honestly, I love her book covers - all the covers are so cute!

Meg said...

Glad to hear this one was great -- just started it this morning! I'm all about stories on unrequited love, too. (Been there... eek!)

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