Thursday, July 8, 2010

(101) The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas

I read the back of The Slap at the library and I thought it was an interesting premise. The setting is a barbecue in the suburbs of Australia. A four year old boy is being as obnoxious and unruly as they come. When his parents fail to rein him in, another guest steps in to protect his on child and slaps the boy.

The fallout from that slap makes for an interesting story. Especially when the four year old's parents file assault charges against the man who slapped their son. The story is written from the viewpoint of eight different people who were at that barbecue.

For the most part, the different perspectives is what really makes the story fascinating. A couple of the perspectives were a bit long and drawn out, but it not only was it interesting to read about the varying viewpoints, but the few, yet distinctive cultural differences between Australia and the United States made it even more interesting for me.

I think The Slap would make for an interesting book club selection. Different parenting styles definitely come into play in this story, but where should the line be drawn? Would you slap another child to protect your child from being hit by another kid? -- That is just one of the many questions that could generate fabulous conversation after reading this book.

Has anyone else read it yet? I would love to discuss it with you!


Ljax said...

Hi it's Shawsee from 2peas - you suggested I read this one first.

Just finished reading it and found it to be pretty good. Good character development but not so keen on all the sex and drug use - makes me wonder about my friend who married an australian man - hahaha.

Overall I thought it was a good read, enjoyed the premise and how everyone had their own opinion of who was in the right.

Found myself siding with Harry initially but then as I read on found that he was a jerk and lucky the kid only got a slap.

Love your blog and look forward to reading more about what you are reading.

Take Care

lovemyspy said...

Hi, I just finished this, I don't think I would have picked it up on my own, but I love your blog and thought I would try it. I liked the story, but I thought the language and sex were a little much. I didn't get a very good impression of Australians, but I know it is just a book. It was enjoyable though and thanks for sharing your great blog!!

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