(69)His & Hers by Alice by Alice Feeney

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Anna Andrews is a bit of a mess. She is an alcoholic drowning her many troubles in booze. She returns to work as a newscaster to discover that she has lost her job to the chic Cat Jones. She is frustrated to be relegated to doing fieldwork, but when she hears about a murdered woman in the little village where she grew up, she grabs a cameraman and sets off, hoping that the scandal will be enough to get her back on the air.  But when she gets to Blackstone she realizes that her ex-husband, Jack, is the lead detective. And the victim was a friend of hers in school. But then it gets worse when more women turn up dead. And they all went to school with Anna. Who is killing off these women and why?

Not a lot of exciting things happen in Blackstone so when Jack Harper is called to work a homicide is a little excited for the change of pace. Until he gets to the scene and realizes the deceased is the woman he had sex with the night before. He becomes even more concerned when it looks like somebody is trying to frame him. But then more women in a picture with his ex-wife end up dead, he starts to believe that she may have had something to do with it. Anna may be a mess, but is she a killer?

I was able to listen to His & Hers in audiobook form thanks to NetGalley. I love to listen to audiobooks because they give the listener a unique perspective of the story. In this case the chapters alternate perspectives. Anna or "Her", Jack, or "Him." And the killer, whose voice is disguised. Both Jack and Anna were really damaged characters  - understandable given their tragedy, but still, a mess is a mess. Anna goes back and tells you the story of her sixteenth birthday and you really start to understand just how horrible Rachel, Helen, and Zoe were at the time. Like disgustingly horrible, consider that a warning. It is just one of the reasons why Anna is a hot mess. I will say that I thought I had figured it out - twice. And I was wrong both times. CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS I love it when an author tricks me!

Bottom Line - Alice Feeney has written a  psychological thriller that will truly keep you guessing to the very end.  And it will leave you speechless when the truth is revealed, that I promise you. 


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