Monday, July 24, 2017

(63)Hello. Sunshine by Laura Dave

Sunshine Mackenzie is a very popular online culinary star who just signed a deal with the Food Network and has a cookbook in the works when her world implodes on her birthday.  Her social media is hacked and the hacker first calls her a fraud and then discloses that Sunshine had an affair with her producer.  What can Sunshine say because it is all true?   In just a few short hours she loses everything.  Her career, her future, and her husband.  The only thing she has left to do is go home.  Not the fabricated farm she told everybody she was from, but Montauk where she grew up with a very eccentric father and an older sister that catered to his every whim.  Now her father is gone and Sunshine does not expect her sister to welcome her with open arms, but that is okay.  Because she has a plan for how to get her life back and her plan starts with the hottest restaurant in the Hamptons.   Will Sunshine find success with her plan or will she forever be relegated to trash duty for other famous chefs?

Sunshine Mackenzie has a problem.  Her own ego. She is a very difficult character to like.  The backstory is that Sunshine was working as a bartender when a producer from the Food Network "discovered" her.  They fabricated this "farmer's daughter" story together and the rest is history. When things went down Sunshine didn't really apologize to anybody for her lies - she had more of a victim mentality and that is one of the reasons why I struggled to like her. Sunshine and her sister had an interesting relationship, too. Dysfunctional at best, there was so much history between them, but when Sunshine needed her the most she was there for her.  Sunshine really had a fondness for her niece, which was sweet.   Sunshine was utterly destroyed when she found out who was the hacker, but that is when she started to turn - that is when she finally started to become someone that I could like. The author did an amazing job of transforming Sunshine from beast to beauty.  - CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS -   In the end, Sunshine got her fresh start, but not in a way that I had expected.

Bottom line - If you are a reader that really loves to see a character go through a reformation of sorts, then Hello Sunshine is definitely for you and Sunshine Mackenzie is a character that you can get behind.  Also, a fun read for the foodies out there!



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