Monday, June 8, 2015

(46)Those Secrets We Keep by Emily Liebert

Wife and mother, Sloane, jumps at the chance to spend three weeks at her Aunt's summer home at Lake George.  She has just sent her daughter off to camp and Sloane knows that the time away will be good for her and good for her marriage - a time for her to grieve the loss of her beloved sister and evaluate her future.   Sloane invites her friend Hillary to join her and her oldest friend Georgina invites herself to come along.  Sloane doesn't really want Georgina there for Sloane is furious with her for ignoring the fact that Sloane's sister passed away.   If anyone should have been there for Sloane during her sister's illness and death it should have been Georgina, but instead Georgina didn't call, send a card, or even acknowledge that Amy had died.   Throw in the fact that Sloane's first love, Luke, will be at the lake is enough to keep this vacation from being the relaxing vacation Sloane had hoped for.   As the weeks pass by Sloane realizes that all three of them are keeping secrets that could destroy their lives.   By the time their vacation is over will they be able to be honest with themselves and those they love?

Sloane was  a tough character to like.  I can understand her grief and even understand the depths of her grief.  I could *not* understand why she allowed Georgina to join them at Lake George.  No is a complete sentence!  I also found myself rather irritated at the fact that she was so passive aggressive towards Georgina the whole time.  Why not just come out and tell Georgina how hurt she was by her lack of acknowledgement at Amy's death? Why play those games and come across as a complete bitch to the woman who was supposed to be her oldest and dearest friend?   Then there was the whole Luke thing.  Ugh.  Really hard character to like.   Hillary had her own secrets that made it tough to like her. Of the three she seemed the most to acknowledge her own shortcomings, so a little more tolerable.   And then Georgina, good grief.  What is it with these women and deception??  Not just keeping secrets, but horribly deceptive and frankly not really nice to each other.  Georgina and Sloane that is, most of the time Hillary almost seemed like an outsider.   There was some resolution in the end, but the only resolution I was satisfied with was Hillary's.  Both Georgina and Sloane's resolutions almost felt like cop-outs.

Bottom line, I really really wanted to like Those Secrets We Keep.  The premise is a great one, but my lack of connection with the characters made it a tough book to get through.   I do believe that those who are at different places in their lives might enjoy Those Secrets We Keep. Let me know what you think.



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