Saturday, June 6, 2015

(45)It's You by Jane Porter

Dr. Alison McAdams has been in a haze of grief for months.  Her fiance, Andrew, killed himself just weeks before they were to be married and Ali doesn't know why. She gets word that her elderly father has injured himself and Ali rushes to Napa to take care of him and to try to convince him that he needs to move to Arizona so she can look after him.  Her father flatly refuses.  He has made a life at the retirement community.  He has friends who make his day brighter and his days are full of activity and laughter.  The trip to Napa proves to be cathartic for Ali, too.  She made a friend on the flight and has been spending time helping out at her flower shop.  She has gotten to know the people of her father's community and their family members.  Including the cranky Edie and her very handsome nephew, Craig.  It takes a while but soon Edie and Ali break down the other's barriers.  Ali learns of Edie's ties to Nazi Germany and after reading Edie's diaries she discovers there is more to her story than she believed.  Edie's story sends Ali on a trip across the world that will hopefully bring closure to both her and Edie.

I just adore Jane Porter's stories.  They just touch your heart in ways you don't expect.   In It's You she tells the story of heartbreak and loss.  Not just Ali's heartbreak, but Edie's, and even Ali's father have holes in their heart from the loss of a loved one.    The Napa area is familiar to Jane Porter fans and you even see a  few characters from the Brennan Sister's Trilogy. It makes it seem that you are catching up with old friends.   You can sense the tension and grief start to ebb away from Ali as you get further into the book.  Being in Napa really is good for her and I think it is the distance that plays a big part of that.    It makes me a bit sad when she decides to go back to her life in Arizona because Arizona is where most of the painful memories reside.  Ultimately the book ends the way it should, but you might be a little sad at what happens right before the end.

Bottom line - It's You was a great read.  Love, loss, heartbreak, and resilience all resonate throughout the pages of Jane Porter's new book.   Just as the last book I read, I am going to say, grab a glass of wine and enjoy!



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