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(22)Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

Wedding Night

Publisher: Random House
Publication Date: April 23, 2013

Pages: 480

Lottie is meeting her longtime boyfriend, Richard for a special lunch where he has to ask  Lottie an important question.  Naturally Lottie does what any woman would do and jumps to the conclusion that he is going to propose.  He does not.  Lottie is so crushed that they break up and she is just sure that she will never find true love again.  But it is only two weeks before a blast from her past, Ben, comes back into her life and says that she was "the one who got away" and they should get married immediately because it is fate.  Or something.

Fliss is Lottie's older sister.  She has been through many of Lottie's break-ups and is very familiar with the pattern of manic behavior that follows a Lottie break-up.  But even she is unprepared for the phone call from Lottie saying that she is getting married to some fellow named Ben.  Since Fliss is the middle of a horrible divorce herself she is willing to do anything and everything to prevent Lottie from going through the same pain. By anything I mean she thinks if she can prevent the Wedding Night then Lottie can get an annulment and forget this marriage ever happened.  Will Fliss be able to accomplish her mission or will she end up alienating the only family she has left?

Okay, I know Wedding Night was supposed to be light and funny, but I truly found it annoying.  The lack of boundaries in this family is completely mind-boggling.  I understand Fliss's frustration with Lottie's break-up behavior, but to be the cause of some of the horrific things is just mean.  For example, she knows Lottie is allergic to peanut oil, so she orchestrated a massage with peanut oil. And Lottie?  Really?  Marrying a man she hasn't seen in fifteen years? It was all just so annoying and not really good material for working out.

Bottom line, I know millions of women just loved this book, but I did not. I don't know if I have grown out of the Chick Lit kind of books or if the premise of this book was just bad, but I really did not enjoy it.  Have you read Wedding Night? What did you think?


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