(95)Six Years by Harlen Coben

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Six Years 

Pages: 368
Publication Date: March 19, 2013

It has been six years since Jake Fisher met and lost the love of his life, Natalie.  There might be a bit of a chance of Jake moving on if Natalie had passed away, but no, Natalie didn't die.  She married someone else.   Jake has done okay at living life without Natalie.  Even though he is doing okay with his career as a college professor he is just existing, not living.   That all changes one day when he notices an obituary on the college's website.  The man Natalie married is dead and Jake is curious enough to fly to the funeral only to discover that this man has been married for far longer than six years and has two grown children.  So what happened to Natalie? What happened six years ago that made her fake a marriage to a man who was just murdered? Did their "marriage" have anything to do with his death?  And again, where is Natalie now?

I have been working on this audio book for way too long, mostly because I took a "break" from the treadmill for a while.   Even though it took me so long to finish, Harlan Coben still kept me hooked.   Jake Fisher was a great character and I really felt his heartache.  He was so sure that Natalie was the "one" for him and he was not about to abide by her wishes to never contact her again.  I also liked the friendship between  Jake and Benedict.  They seemed so different from each other, yet Benedict was the one person that Jake could depend on.  And even that was called into question in true Harlan Coben fashion.

Bottom line, Harlan Coben is one of the best mystery novelists to ever have written a book.  His books are captivating, exciting, and full of surprises.  Six Years was no different.  If you are looking for a good mystery, as always, Harlan Coben is the way to go.

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