Saturday, September 8, 2012

(125)The Last Victim by Karen Robards

The Last Victim

Publication Date: August 7, 2012
Pages: 336

Dr. Charlotte Stone is an expert in criminal behavior, specifically the behavior of serial killers. She is an expert because she survived the serial killer that killed her best friend when she was a teenager. Because of what happened, Charlie has a connection with the deceased that at times has been a nuisance.

Flash forward fifteen years and the Boardwalk Killer is back.  The FBI visit her at the prison where she works to ask for her assistance in catching the Boardwalk Killer.  Just as she is contemplating saying yes, sexy (yet still a serial killer) Michael Garland is stabbed to death by another inmate.  For some reason his ghost has attached himself to Charlie.  And as she works with  sexy FBI Agent, Toni Bartolli,  to find the Boardwalk Killer Garland sticks with Charlie.  The line between the dead and the living becomes very blurred for Charlie as she finds herself extremely attracted to both Garland and Bartolli.  Will they be able to find the Boardwalk Killer before he kills again?  And will Charlie choose to fall in love with the living or the dead?

I am not a huge fan of paranormal romances where the "paranormal" is a dead man.  Specifically a dead man who slaughtered seven women when he was alive. I admittedly didn't realize that The Last Victim was a paranormal romance when I agreed to read/review the book. I have been a Karen Robards fan for many, many years and am willing to give any book of hers a shot, I just wish that her "bad boy" in The Last Victim was a little less bad.  Make him a bank robber or something, just not a guy who killed seven women.

Bottom Line - I enjoyed The Last Victim, despite my issues with the "Bad Boy". It was a good mystery with some steamy scenes between Charlie and living and the dead.  The author did set it up for a sequel, which I will probably read - just because now I want to see how it turns out.  Logically, I know Charlie won't likely end up with the ghost, but you never know...


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