Tuesday, September 13, 2011

(146)Ghost on Black Mountain by Ann Hite

Ghost on Black Mountain

Publication Date: September 13, 2011
352 Pages

Nothing says Fall like a haunting, Gothic ghost story!  A well written tale that can hypnotize and haunt you, even after you put the book down!  Ghost on Black Mountain is one such book.

It is the late 1930's and North Carolina is still submerged in the Great Depression.  A young Nellie Clay has just married a man she believes to be a good man, Hobbs Pritchard.  She leaves her Mother and everything she knows in Asheville to go home with Hobbs to Black Mountain.  It is there that Nellie starts to learn the truth about the man she married.  Hobbs Pritchard is a mean, mean man.  A man who is feared by most and hated by all.  Nellie is isolated on Ghost Mountain with just Hobbs and a few of his relatives for company.  It is not long before the Ghosts arrive.  Full of warnings and tales of the man Nellie married.   Nellie discovers the truth for herself the hard way, but she will not sit quietly while she lets a man kill her.  She will fight back.  At any cost.

Ghost on Black Mountain is a tale told by five women over many years.  Five women bound by one common thread.  Hobbs Pritchard and a dark murder that took place on Black Mountain.  Ghost on Black Mountain is a Gothic tale if ever there was one.  It is a suspenseful, dark glimpse of what life was like in the mountains of North Carolina not all that long ago.  I am really surprised at how much I enjoyed Ghost on Black Mountain, but Nellie's story, and her strength, captivated me in ways I did not expect.  If you are a fan of Gothic Ghost stories, you will not be disappointed by Ann Hite's debut novel, her haunting tale of Black Mountain will stick with you for quite a while!


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