Monday, September 12, 2011

(145)The Winters In Bloom by Lisa Tucker

The Winters In Bloom

Publication Date: September 12
288 Pages

Kyra & David Winter never thought that they would have children. They both had children in their past that made them afraid to open their lives to a child.  But they did have a child.  Young Michael is the center of their universe.  They take every precaution and make every effort to protect him.  From homeschooling him to making sure their house is childproofed in ways that we would never think of, Michael is safe.

Or it may be more accurate to say that  Michael WAS safe. He is abducted from their very own backyard.  Sending both David and Kyra into a downward spiral of guilt.  David is sure it was his mentally unstable ex-wife, Courtney that took Michael.  And Kyra is sure that it is her demon battling, addicted sister, Amy, that took Michael.  In an "eye for an eye" sort of way.  But they are both wrong.   Will Kyra & David be able to look past their own guilt and find Michael? Or is their despair so great they just give up all hope?

The Winters in Bloom is an introspective novel about forgiveness.  Not just forgiving people for their transgressions against us, but forgiving ourselves for mistakes made long ago. The Winters in Bloom is somewhat of a dark novel.  The subject matter is heartbreaking, there is no way around that. I did like that portions of the book is set in Kansas City, on a day (Home opener of the Chief's) that I want to be in Kansas City more than any other day, it was nice to read about a piece of "home".   The book itself would be a good one for a book club. Lots of possible discussion material within the sheets of this novel.  Overall, The Winters in Bloom is a great piece of Women's Literature, but don't pick it up expecting a heartwarming, "feel good" type of tale.  You will be disappointed if you do.

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Melissa said...

Great review! As a Philly native, I loved it for the hometown feeling it gave me. :)

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