Thursday, July 7, 2011

(102)No Rest For The Dead

The concept is brilliant. Twenty-six of your most favorite mystery writers coming together to write one mystery novel. Each author taking different chapters. Authors such as David Baldacci, Sandra Brown, Jeff Lindsay, Jeffrey Deaver, and Alexander McCall Smith to just name a few. No Rest For The Dead is the result. And frankly it did not live up to expectations.

The prologue for No Rest For The Dead is an intense introduction to this story. Rosemary Thomas is on death row. Convicted of brutally killing her wretched husband. The prologue follows Rosmary's last day, right up to her execution. It.Was.Intense. Then the book skips around to give the back story and flashes forward ten years to the anniversary of her execution. When all of the key players from that time start questioning the events surrounding the death of Rosemary's husband information comes to light that may prove Rosemary was really innocent after all.

I have been on a big mystery/suspense/thriller kick lately. I have read some incredible novels that set the bar high. You would think that with so many talented authors involved in a project like this, that it would be the best book ever written. It is BECAUSE so many authors were involved that I have really lukewarm feelings about the novel. The transitions between authors was really choppy. Creating disconnected chapters and no real "flow". Each of these authors have their own distinct style of writing, no matter how much they tried to reign it in, it really was noticeable in a book like this, creating that "choppy" feeling.

No Rest For The Dead was not horrible, per se, it just did not live up to my expectations. If you go into it knowing what it is, a "meeting of the minds" then maybe you won't be as disappointed as I was with the final result.


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