Friday, July 23, 2010

(110) Thin Rich Pretty by Beth Harbison

Thin Rich Pretty is the new book by Beth Harbison and just as fun and fluffy as her other books.

The story tells the story of three girls that attended the same summer camp 20 years ago, but I wouldn't call them all friends. They shared the same cabin, but that is where it ends. Lexi was an overweight loner, grieving for her mother. Nicola and Holly were outcasts who bonded to survive the "mean girls" in the cabin. Bottom line, they were all pretty miserable at camp that summer.

Fast forward twenty years . Nicola and Holly are still friends but struggling with issues in their lives. Lexi was cut out of her father's will and has only days to leave the only home that she has ever known. A fateful trip to Sephora for Holly brings them all together again and gives them a chance to right old wrongs.

Thin Rich Pretty would be another excellent beach read. It was a fast read, but had a pretty important message. Perception is everything. What you perceive to be the truth may be nothing more than misunderstanding one person's way of communicating. I really enjoyed Thin Rich Pretty. It was well written and fun to read.

It is a "Lend Me" book, so if you are interested in reading it on your nook or B&N E-Reader leave a comment with your email address. First come, first serve.


Nicole Michelle Gray said...

My email is

my first lend me wahoo

Shon said...

I haven't read the author's previous books. I'm on the wait list for Thin Rich Pretty. Glad to hear it was a good read. Sounds perfect for those lazy afternoons reading on my deck.

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

Nicole, you should have received the email by now.

Shon, this was my second book of hers and I have really enjoyed the both of them.

Nicole Michelle Gray said...

Thank you sooooo much, I loved this book. The only thing was I hated the ending!!! It just ended I wanted more.

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