Saturday, July 10, 2010

(102) Pray for Silency by Linda Castillo

It was just a few months ago that I listened to the first book in this series on Audio book form. I was thrilled to get my hands on this so quick at the library.

Pray for Silence picks up ten months after the end of the first book in the series. The town of Painters Mill is slowly putting the pieces back together and Chief of Police, Kate Burkholder is enjoying the piece and quiet that her small town offers. Until one night, an Amish family of seven is found slaughtered.

Kate calls on John Tomasetti to help her solve the crime that has shocked her to her core and brought back so many horrible memories from her own youth.

Pray for Silence was just as good as the first book. But don't let the Amish theme fool you. The writing is graphic and gritty. It feels authentic. Linda Castillo writes her stories in such a way that you know she will be around for a very long time.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog and your reviews. I liked it when you were unemployed and posted everyday. Lol! We have a lot of the same tastes in books, so i like to check in to see what you are reading. Keep it up!

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

I have got a lot of reading done this weekend, but am spacing out my reviews, so keep checking back.

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