Monday, November 16, 2009

(90) The Girl Next Door by Elizabeth Noble - On Sale December 22, 2009

Finally! A thoroughly enjoyable book!

The Girl Next Door is the third book I have read this year set in a NYC community. First there was, Mercury In Retrograde which was okay, but not great. Then, more recently, there was Prospect Park West, which frankly I didn't like at all. Thankfully, Elizabeth Noble does not disappoint.

Elizabeth Noble tells the story of a co-op in New York City. In a brief bit of autobiography, one of the main characters, Eve, is an English woman who follows her husband and his career to New York City. Eve found the perfect apartment on her first time out with the agent. The Girl Next Door tells the tale of Eve and her neighbors. Told in alternating voices in month by month chapters you become friendly with several of the building's inhabitants.

There is Trip, the trust-fund playboy. Charlotte, the dowdy librarian & Emily, her overachieving friend. You also meet Kim and her husband Jason. Rachel & her husband, David. And of course, you get to meet Violet Wallace. The woman who becomes instrumental to Eve surviving life in New York City.

The Girl Next Door is an absolutely delightful read. The characters, even with warts and all, are very likeable and easy to relate to. Elizabeth Noble uses her incredible talents to paint the story of this co-op and it's people. Their triumphs and their tribulations. It is very easy to imagine this delightful book as a movie. It would make the perfect chick flick and one I would love to pay money to see.
The book does not hit the shelves until late December, but it would be the perfect book to curl up with after the dishes are done and all of the presents have been unwrapped. Very enjoyable.


Wingnut said...

And on my list it goes!

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