Wednesday, May 13, 2009

At The Movies

We are embarking upon the Summer Movie Season. And as always this summer's expected Blockbusters got their start on bookstore shelves. For years, readers have been buzzing about these books & playing the "Who Would You Cast?" game. Now producers are bringing the characters to life and the die-hard fans are eager to see if they got it right.

First up, Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. I read this book over five years ago, and I will be the first to admit the details are a little fuzzy. I read the book on a road trip to my Uncle's funeral and I remember being unable to put the book down. I may have to re-read before seeing the movie.

Next up is My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. This is probably one of the most antipated movies by woman readers My Sister's Keeper has been a book club favorite ever since it was first published. There has been a lot of buzz that the ending of the movie deviates from the book in order to provide a more "satisfying" ending for viewers. Of course that has outraged fans. But will the outrage be enough to keep them out of the theaters?

The True Crime fans will love Public Enemies. And so will Johnny Depp fans!

And who could forget Harry Potter? Although, I believe that I am the only person on the planet who has not read the books or seen the movies. One of these days I will have a marathon and either read them all or watch them all.

Julie & Julia by Julie Powell is one I am excited for. I have the book, found it in a "Last Chance" Bargain Table at work. But, like a million other books, it is still on my TBR pile. I will get to it. I promise. The trailer looks really cute. And I adore Meryl Streep.

There is one more movie due out in August that I have been waiting years for. I scoured the internet, but was unable to find a trailer. Hopefully that doesn't mean the movie is horrid, but that they are still in the editing phase. I will let you know as soon as a trailer for The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger hits the web.

So what do you think about this summer's batch of movies? Are there any you are eager to see? Have you read the books? Did they get the casting right? Will the movies do the books justice? That is yet to be determined. If nothing else, hopefully they will provide entertainment for the hot summer months.


ETA: I have sized & resized these trailers & they are still a little too big for the screen. It is my first attempt at embedding & I will take any suggestions you may have!

Thank You!


Mimi said...

I'm really nervous about Time Traveler's Wife, as the book was soooooo good. Although, someone at church asked me what one of the best books I've read in the past 5 years was, and while this one is it, I had to keep saying, "it's really raw" "I mean it is really raw" because well, it's so not church appropriate.

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

I am nervous about it, too. There are so many ways they can screw this up.

It also makes me nervous that there is no trailer & it is taking forever for it to hit the theaters.

Jen said...

I HATED My Sister's Keeper, but I'll still go see and I hope they don't change the ending.

As for Harry Potter... read them first Charlotte! I think you'll like them. And thanks for all the trailers! I'm going to have to find a babysitter several times this summer. :)

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