Thursday, May 14, 2009

(40) Pretty in Plaid by Jen Lancaster

Pretty in Plaid is the perfect book to read after such an intense book like Columbine. If you have not had the pleasure, you need to read Jen Lancaster. Her biting, self-deprecating sense of humor is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Pretty in Plaid is no different. Ms. Lancaster tells us the story of her life in fashion. No, not working in the fashion industry, but the clothing she wore during the events that shaped her life. Starting in the late seventies. Oh yeah, I can relate. What girl can't relate? I don't remember specific outfits until the junior high years. But I remember trends. What girl doesn't? Can you honestly tell me that you made it out of the 80's without wearing leg warmers? Or coveting a brand of jeans? For Jen Lancaster it was Jordache. For me it was GUESS? I wanted a pair of GUESS jeans like you would not believe. Fashion is a big part of growing up as a teen girl. Kind of like "Where were you when...." this is a "What were you wearing when..." for Jen Lancaster.

Jen Lancaster has taken her memories & her past fashion mistakes and wrapped it all up in a funny book. And Jen Lancaster knows how to do funny. She is one of the first authors that I recall doing the "footnotes". With footnotes like this one:

47. They're so tight around the crotch region that I technically may not be a virgin anymore.

Or this

69. In my day we didn't have Internet memes! We had paper quizzes! And we answered them in longhand! Uphill! In the snow!

You get a glimpse of Jen Lancaster's humor. If you really want to crack up, check out her blog. Jen Lancaster (sidenote: YAY ME! I figure out the "link" function in blogger!) I stalk her blog regularly, because I know that she (and her blog readers) are guaranteed to make me giggle. And sometimes we all need a good giggle.


Brandie said...

I love Jen Lancaster, and I can't wait to read this book! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it...I need to go buy it ASAP.

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