Thursday, January 22, 2009

(8) Conversations with the Fat Girl by Liza Palmer

It wasn't until I was about 200 pages into Conversations With the Fat Girl that I stopped despising the main character, Maggie. And I think that may have been when Maggie stopped despising herself.
Maggie Thomas lives in Pasadena. The land of the skinny people. Which makes life interesting because she is a "Fat Girl". But no worries, she has her trusty sidekick, Olivia to keep her company. And then Maggie has Gastric Bypass Surgery. But honestly, I think she also had a personality transplant.
The girls are now in their 20's. And they are about as different as two women can be. Olivia is a size 2. Enganged to a successful, handsome doctor. Maggie is working at a local coffee shop & has just been evicted from her house. Not to mention she is still fat.
Conversations with the Fat Girl is one of those books where the character's transformation is so blatant that it almost hits you over the head. Maggie goes from the fat girl who doesn't think she is worthy of having anything good in her life to the woman whose life is slowing coming together. Over the course of events (a hot guy interested in her & Olivia turning into a raving bitch to name a few) she realizes that SHE is the one in control of her life. It really is quite stunning to watch it unfold.
Liza Palmer did a great job with Maggie. I look forward to meeting other people in her world & reading about their experiences.


Disneypal said...

I love reading your book reviews - it helps me decide which books I want to read.

I've been thinking about picking this one up so loved reading your review.

Lisa Mandina said...

This is one I wanted to read. I'll have to pick it up.

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