Tuesday, January 20, 2009

(7) The Might Queens of Freeville by Amy Dickinson -- On Sale February 3rd, 2009

I will preface this post by saying that until this book landed on my doorstep, I had no idea of who Amy Dickinson was. Having said that, The Mighty Queens of Freeville is an absolutely delightful memoir. And after checking out her website, http://www.themightyqueensoffreeville.com/ she is as adorable as I made her out to be in my mind.

For those of you who did not click on the URL, Amy Dickinson is the advice columnist who took over Ann Lander's column when she passed away. And I got that information from the back of the book. *grin*

But with chapters like "The Apex of Dorkitude" I knew that I would love this book! And I did. Amy Dickinson lets us into her life. She tells us what it was like to grow up in a large family of women in a town with only 458 people.

"My relatives littered Freeville like downed tree limbs after a storm."
I come from a rather large family & I totally understand that sentiment. Amy then goes on to tell us how growing up in that town, with her family shaped her life. From her early marriage & early divorce, to the birth of her daughter, and how no matter what happened, Freeville & The Mighty Queens of Freeville were always & forever there for her.
I enjoyed this book for many reasons. It was an easy, engaging read. And Amy Dickinson is a very likeable character. She is the "dependable" friend that we all wish we had in our corner. With sound advice & loads of life experience, Amy will never steer you wrong.


Lisa Mandina said...

This sounds like a good book, and I like how your blog looks now, good job on the re-do.

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

Thank you, Lisa!

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