Tuesday, October 28, 2008

(99)Going Home by Harriet Evans

Lizzy Walter is excited. It is Christmas Eve & she is Going Home. Her cousin, Tom & sister, Jess are waiting outside to take her home.
Home is the Keeper House, an English Manor in the English countryside. Keeper House has been in the family for many generations. It is where Lizzy's dad grew up with his sister & brothers. Keeper House is where Lizzy grew up with her sister, Jess.
Christmas Eve is when Uncle Mike springs a surprise on them by bringing his new wife all the way from America. Christmas Eve is when Aunt Chin introduces them to her boyfriend, Gibbo. Christmas Day is when Lizzy runs into her ex-boyfriend, the love of her life, at church. Christmas Day is when Lizzy's father announces that they must sell Keeper House.
Lizzy spends the next few months agonizing over the thought of losing her home. But most of all, she agonizes over what could have been with David. (What IS it with men named David?? Seriously, if I have learned nothing it is to NEVER date another man named David!)
Going Home is not your typical Chick Lit book. It isn't fluffy & lighthearted. It is real & intense. Lizzy's emotions jump off the page & sucks you in. Harriet Evans did a great job & has found a loyal reader with me. I look forward to reading her next book.


Lisa Mandina said...

Hmm, I'm normally a chick lit person, but not sure if I like them too intense, or if I prefer more light and fluffy. But your review does sound pretty good. While I'm excited to do the voting for the Mark Twain, I'm kind of looking forward to when I'm done and can read adult books again. I can't wait to hear your review of the Shack, it sounds really good.

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