Tuesday, October 9, 2018

(70)Winter in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand

Irene Steele's life in Iowa City is pretty idyllic.  Her two sons, Cash and Baker,  are grown and gone.  Her husband's career is so successful that she was able to buy and rehab her dream Victorian, but his career means that he is gone a lot.  Even on New Years Day.   Then she receives a phone call that changes everything.  Her husband has died in an accident.  On St. John in the US Virgin Islands.  Irene is stunned.  What was he doing in the US Virgin Islands?  Is he really dead?  Rather than break under the shock, Irene calls on her sturdy midwestern roots,  calls her sons, and books a flight.   They arrive on St. John to find out that the man they called father and husband was leading another life.  Will they be able to find out the truth about the man they loved?

Even though Winter in Paradise was not set on Nantucket, I devoured it like I do every other Elin Hilderbrand novels.  I really liked Irene.  Her midwest sensibilities were very near and dear to my heart. She was obviously shocked by her husband's death but was determined to do what needed to be done.  Her sons, on the other hand, were spoiled, selfish brats, who were only concerned about outdoing the other.   I couldn't believe how bad they were towards each other.  At least they were kind to their mother. Like the Winter Street series, Winter Paradise is definitely set up to be a trilogy.  But Winter Paradise is not really a Christmas book, like the Winter Street series.  That was really the only thing that disappointed me. 

Bottom Line - Winter in Paradise is everything we love about Elin Hilderbrand novels.  A strong woman, a great story, and a fabulous island.   One to not miss!



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