Sunday, February 12, 2017

(15)Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

Adele and Louise are two different women with one thing in common - Adele's husband, David.  Louise is a single mum in North London when she goes to the pub one night and encounters the very handsome David.  It isn't until she arrives at work the next day that she discovers that David is her new boss.  David's wife Adele befriends Louise and Louise reluctantly settles into their new friendship. But then Adele helps her lose weight and quit smoking, and when Adele starts sharing intimate secrets with Louise about her marriage Louise isn't so sure that David is the perfect man that she thought.  The closer the two women become the more Louise becomes concerned about her friend's safety.  Especially after Adele tells her about her friend, Rob, and his questionable demise.  As relations escalate between Louise and Adele and Louise and David, Louise knows that something is just not right with this couple, but who is truly the unbalanced one in this couple - David or Adele?

Behind Her Eyes is such a thrilling mind-bending novel, but you won't be able to put it down. At first, I thought the premise was too similar to a popular Thursday night soap-opera.  Adele and Louise take turns telling the story from their own viewpoint.  Louise is the easy one to like, even though she is sleeping with her married boss. She is a hard worker and completely devoted to her son, but being with Adele and even David has given her a new lease on life. She feels better about herself and her life.  Adele, on the other hand, she is constantly disappointing her husband and she knows that their relationship is broken. It was hard for me to figure out whether it was Adele who was the crazy spouse or David. My opinion was constantly changing.   There are some seriously dark twists that happen throughout, but it is the end that just leaves you speechless. - CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS

Bottom line - Behind Her Eyes was a true psychological thriller.  It has been a long time since I have read a book that had me always guessing - it was intense! I even saw Stephen King talking about Behind Her Eyes this morning on social media and that is high praise from the master.



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