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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

(14)Always by Sarah Jio

Kailey Crane is out to dinner with her fiance, Ryan.  Kailey knows that she has it good.  The restaurant they are at is fairly upscale by Seattle standards, her fiance is completely devoted to her, and her career has never been better.  They are leaving the restaurant when a homeless man catches her eye. It is Cade McAllister. the former love of her life.  Cade had disappeared almost ten years ago after they had a fight and right before Kailey was going to tell him that she was pregnant.  His disappearance nearly destroyed Kailey and she has fought hard to reclaim her life.  To discover that Cade is living on the streets of Seattle was a shock that she just doesn't know how to process.  Kailey isn't ready to let him get away again without an explanation so she goes out looking for him, only to find him.  And discover that he has suffered some sort of Traumatic Brain Injury.  Without telling Ryan, Kailey embarks on a mission to get her ex-boyfriend the medical help he needs and get him off of the streets.  Will her secret destroy her relationship with Ryan? Will the Cade she once knew ever be the same again?

Always is one of those books told in two different time periods.  The "present" is in 2008 and the past was 1996, right when the Seattle music scenes was at it's hottest.  I liked Kailey as a character, she was so happy with Ryan, yet her compassion for Cade was undeniable.  I will say that I did get irritated with her in the early days of her finding Cade.  It was obvious that he was having mental issues, but she was so demanding that he remember and recognize her. I get that some of that was the emotion of seeing him after all those years, but c'mon.  Other than that, I did enjoy Kailey.  I liked her best friend, Tracy.  And sometimes I even liked the entitled, Ryan.  The memories of when Cade and Kailey were first dating were very much a trip down memory lane for me, too.  Specifically the music of the era - it was wonderful.  In the end, love wins and I was pleased with the outcome.

Bottom line - Always is one of those love stories that proves that true love will conquer all. Who doesn't love a good love story?