Sunday, January 22, 2017

(9)The River at Night by Erica Ferencik

Wini Allen is more than ready for her yearly vacation with her three best friends.  Over the years they have visited tropical locations, but this year Pia has signed them up for white-water rafting in the wilds of Maine.   The others are just as skeptical as Wini, but they trust that Pia has lined up an epic vacation.  They are led into the wilds by their twenty-year-old guide, Rory. None of them, except Pia, have confidence in his abilities to get them down the river.  And they were right.  A tragic accident kills Rory, destroys their raft, their supplies, and leaves the four women to get themselves out of the wilds of Maine and the river is their only way out.  They struggle through one night, freezing and starving.  The next night they are the guests of one very scary lady and her mute son.  They have lived off the grid since the 90's and Simonne is afraid that these four middle-aged women will ruin the life she has worked hard to keep secret.  The four women are now in a fight for their lives and the rough river seems like the better option of the two.  Will they make it out alive before the river or the angry woman kills them all?

It will not be long before The River at Night will be coming to a big screen near you.   Wini is a great female lead that many (myself included) could relate to quite easily.  She is divorced with no kids and completely devoted to her job.  She was a little reluctant to go on the trip but was eager to be off work.   Rachel and Sandra seemed like the kind of women that I would hang out with, but not sure I would go white water rafting with them.  Pia, the organizer, was a little more spunky.  A little more "I am gonna do what I want and the rest of you can go to hell,"  Her friends always kind of knew that about her, but the events of the trip made it blatant.  The River at Night was one of those heart-stopping page-turners that maybe should be read during the daylight - with others in the room.  I was so blown away by how natural the story flowed (pun intended) and kept me on the edge of my seat.  That is why I can see it hitting the silver screen - it was just too suspenseful to not end up a movie.

Bottom line - If nothing else The River at Night taught me to never go white water rafting in the wilds of Maine.  But it also reminded me how much I enjoyed a good thriller.  The River at Night fits the bill, just be warned, these lady's use a bit of salty language when in scary situations - as would I.



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