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Friday, January 20, 2017

(8)The Futures by Anna Pitoniak

Evan and Julia met in college and even though they are from two different worlds, they have been together ever since.  Evan is from a small town in Canada and landed at an Ivy League school on a hockey scholarship.  Julia is from a blue-blood family and is used to the best of everything.  The year after graduation is 2008 and Evan and Julia have moved to New York City.  Evan got a job at a popular hedge-fund and is looking to move up the ladder quickly, while Julia is working at an art gallery owned by wealthy friends of her parents.   The move has been difficult on their relationship, especially since Evan works practically day and night.  They never see each other, their communication breaks down, and they certainly never have sex.  The "special assignment" that Evan is working on for his boss will soon be the bomb that blows up their relationship.  Will Evan and Julia be able to get past it or will it be over for good?

The Futures is set in the middle of the economic crisis brought many Americans to their knees. It is interesting to me that of this couple one has always known what it was like to have money and the other one aspires to having that kind of wealth. The book is told from alternate perspectives, but the timeline is pretty consistent.  What I mean is, rather than seeing a scene from the other person's perspective, Julia picks up where Evan left off, in most cases.  It was unique.  I didn't particularly like either character for specific reasons, but I wanted to see where things ended up for them.  I liked Evan more because he was a small-town guy at heart, but I connected more with Julia, even though they both did abhorrent things, I could understand why they did what they did.   The end of the book was a little surprising to me, but I shouldn't have been surprised by the outcome.

Bottom line - I think the events of the 2008 financial crisis are still a little "fresh" for me, but I really liked The Futures.  I enjoyed following Julia and Evan as they tried to navigate adulthood during one of the most difficult financial eras of our time.