Monday, August 22, 2016

(75)You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott

Katie and Eric Knox have devoted their entire lives to helping their daughter, Devon, chase her dream of becoming an Olympic gymnast.  Devon was just three years old when she started to exhibit prodigy-like talent.  Since then, the Knoxes have sacrificed money and time to help Devon achieve her dreams.  Their only friends are other parents at the gym, their only vacations are going to "away" meets.  Their gym family is devastated when a member of their circle is tragically killed in a horrible accident just six weeks before qualifiers.  Katie is empathetic and wants to console the victim's girlfriend.  Eric wants to stay focused on the goal and will do anything to minimize distractions and help Devon achieve her dreams and for the first time, the Knoxes question their own relationship. Can their marriage survive if they don't have Devon's talents to keep them together.?  How far will the Knoxes go to keep Devon on the path to greatness?

You Will Know Me is one of those well-timed novels that will suck you into its pages rather quickly.  With the Olympics on it prompted me to think of all the sacrifices made by the athletes and their family.  Eric and Katie seem like such a normal couple with an extraordinary daughter.   It bugged me a little how much they focused on their daughter and Drew, their young son, was kind left to tag-along.  With the 2016 Summer Olympics on every news site and at the forefront of everybody's mind it was interesting to see kind of "behind the scenes stuff"  for such committed athletes.  Not only the brutal physical torture they put themselves through for their sport, but the stigma that goes along with such conditioning.  Like Devon was made fun of at school because of her little girl body, among other things.  It made me sad to think that athletes go through such ridicule. I did have  "things" figured out pretty early, but I wasn't exactly sure of the timeline and who knew what.    CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS. 

Bottom line - with the Summer Olympics wrapping up, You Will Know Me will give you one last look at what Olympic quality athletes have to do on the road to the games.  One not to miss!



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