Sunday, August 21, 2016

(74)The Matchmakers of Minnow Bay by Kelly Harms

Lily Stewart's life is kind of a mess.  Her career as an artist hasn't paid off like she had hoped, her boyfriend of two years doesn't really seem as committed to their relationship as she had hoped, her best friend has been acting funny, and she was just evicted from her apartment.   While cleaning out her Chicago apartment Lily discovers that she never signed the annulment papers from her misguided Vegas marriage ten years ago.  She is still a married woman.    After some key google searches, Lily discovers that Ben Hutchinson is living in Minnow Bay, Wisconsin.  So Lily sets off in the dead of winter to become unmarried.  What she finds in Minnow Bay is a picturesque community full of kind people with good intentions, but they have their own agenda.  In Minnow Bay Lily gets a chance to reevaluate her life, her hopes, and her dreams.   Will all of Lily's dreams come true in Minnow Bay?

I had so much fun reading Kelly Harms' first book, The Good Luck Girls if Shipwreck Lane, that I was so excited for her new book to be released.   The Matchmakers of Minnow Bay did not disappoint!  Lily Stewart is a fun, but flaky, character.  She forgets to pay bills, she trusts all of the wrong people and she is loyal to a fault. Even if they are not deserving of her loyalty.   In Minnow Bay Lily stays at a B&B where she befriends the proprietress and finally gets some of her artistic mojo back.  It was fun to watch city-girl, Lily, adjust to life in rural America.  As a reader,  you want to shake Lily for being so trusting, but at the same time,  it is one of her better qualities.   At first, Ben is a jerk, but I like the town of Minnow Bay enough for Lily to stick around.   And of course, things work out just as you would expect them to work out.  The predictability of the story is comforting, welcoming, and quite enjoyable.

Bottom line - The Matchmakers of Minnow Bay is a delightful and enjoyable read with fun and quirky characters.  A perfect read for a Sunday afternoon.



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