Monday, July 11, 2016

(63)All is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker

Fifteen year old Jenny Kramer's world is shattered when she is brutally raped one night after a party.  The little community of Fairview, Connecticut is in shock that something so brutal could happen in their charming little community and are in fear because the attacker is still on the loose.   In an effort to help her heal Jenny's affluent parents agree to give her an experimental new drug that is supposed to help her forget the events of the night and help with any future PTSD.  The side effects from the drug are almost worse and after a suicide attempt the Kramer's seek out the help of a renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Alan Forrester.  He seeks to help the Kramer's get past this horrific event by helping Jenny remember exactly what happened.  But as the events of the night are slowly coming back to Jenny, the doctor realizes that what may be revealed about that night is his worst nightmare.  Everything culminates in a shocking revelation that very well may destroy all those involved.

Fair warning, All is Not Forgotten is quite graphic in the details of Jenny's rape.  It is gritty and sadly it happens all too often.  The story is told from the perspective of the psychiatrist, but you don't realize that until several chapters into the book, when he introduces himself.  Because the narrator is a highly educated man, it adds an air of importance to the story. That third party detachment hooks you, well until he becomes a part of the story.  Jenny's parents. her mother anyway, is a piece of work.  A bit of a fraud herself as she spills details about her past to the good doctor, not to mention her ongoing affair with her husband's boss.   I did not like her at all.  Jenny's father was a little easier to like, but he was so bulldozed by his wife that I wanted to tell him to grow a pair.  Really.   As the Kramer's sessions with the doctor continue the feeling of the story gains urgency.  As more and more is revealed it is very clear that the good doctor is not as good as first appeared and things are about to come to an explosive conclusion.  CLICK HERE FOR SPOILER

Bottom line - All is Not Forgotten is a hard-core psychological thriller.  The characters are all so flawed and desperate for one thing - find out what happen to Jenny.  If you love a good thriller, this one is for you, but be aware that it has it's graphic moments.



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