Sunday, July 10, 2016

(62)The Second Sister by Marie Bostwick

Lucy Toomey is in a race to the finish line.  This time, though, the finish line is the presidential elections and she hopes that the man she works for will be the winner on Election Day.  She has worked with Thomas Ryland for years and she hopes that her reward for her loyalty will be a position in his White House. Early the  morning of election day Lucy receives a phone call from her cousin back in rural Wisconsin.  Her older sister, Alice, was found unresponsive and things are not looking good.

It takes Lucy a moment to make the decision, but she drops everything and starts the arduous journey back to the sleepy little town that Lucy left without looking back nearly twenty years ago.  She does not have happy memories of the community or her time spent there. Alice did not have the same option for leaving Nilson's Bay, for when they were teenagers there had been an accident on a hot summer day and Alice never developed mentally beyond the age she was the day of that accident - eighteen.  Unfortunately Lucy does not make it there in time and thanks to a creative will, Alice makes sure that Lucy must spend eight weeks in the town she hated so much.   At first Lucy is furious, but then accepts her fate.  She takes the eight weeks to reacquaint herself with the community and it's people. But many of them are less than thrilled that she is there.  She wasn't there for Alice in the years before her death, why should they welcome her now?  Will they soften their stance against Lucy or will they run her out of town before she has a right to earn her inheritance?

The Second Sister is one of those feel good novels that possibly has a future as a Hallmark movie.  Lucy is one of those characters who had a long habit of punishing herself.   Alice was the reason for her penance.  I have to admit that there were many times where I felt that Lucy deserved to be punished.  I did not like the way she never came home to check on Alice after their folks died.  Yeah, they talked on the phone daily.  Yeah, they met up for Christmas at some tropical destination of her choosing, but that isn't the same as being there. I really understand why Alice's friends were furious with her.   When Lucy finally went back to Nilson's Bay she discovered just how beloved her sister was and I think the ire of the town was well deserved.  Of course there is a handsome man involved, somebody from Lucy's past.  And some big bad wolf in the form of conglomerate wanting to tear down a city landmark. Oh and don't forget the quilting.  Lots of quilting to be found in The Second Sister.

Bottom line - The Second Sister was a nice, soothing read about redemption and hope set against the backdrop of a picturesque town in rural Wisconsin.  A fun read if you are looking for a little something to help heal the soul.



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