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Sunday, November 8, 2015

(77)Corrupted by Lisa Scottoline

Bennie Rosato has taken on a new client who has been accused of murder, Jason Lefkavik.  Jason really isn't a new client, though.  Thirteen years ago Jason's father hired Bennie to help his son when he was thrown into Juvenile Detention for getting into a lunchroom fight in middle school.  Jason had been sentenced to ninety days and his aggressor, Richie,  was sentenced to just sixty days.  As Bennie starts digging into Jason's story she realizes the story runs much deeper and the corruption is so deep it may never be fully exposed.  Bennie finds herself teaming up with Richie's handsome uncle, Declan to help free the boys.  Her relationship with Declan crosses lines and soon the tough talking lawyer finds herself in love.  But when Jason's father finds out that Bennie is working with the "enemy" he fires her, leaving Bennie feeling unfulfilled both personally and professionally.   Now it is thirteen years later and Richie has been murdered and Jason is charged with his murder.   Will Bennie be able to help Jason in ways she was unable to help all those years ago?   And what will happen when Bennie will inevitably cross paths with Declan?

Corrupted was a great legal thriller.   The story starts present day and then flashes back to thirteen years ago and you get the backstory of Jason and Richie and Bennie and Declan. I didn't really feel the chemistry between Bennie & Declan, mostly I think because I felt that Declan was kind of an ass thirteen years ago and even a bit of an ass in the present when he tries to convince Bennie to dump Jason.  But Bennie was carrying a lot of guilt over the way things went down thirteen years ago which was completely understandable, getting fired caused a lot of problems for Jason.    For me things started to get really good when the trial started.  That is when the real Bennie gets to shine.   From her jury observations to her cross-examinations it was just completely intriguing.   There is a plot twist that I did not see coming, but it worked and things worked out the way they were supposed to work out.

Bottom line - Lisa Scottoline is a genius when it comes to legal thrillers and that has been no more evident than with Corrupted.



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I liked Bennie's dedication to justice and her Amazonian appearance. I liked the contrast between Jason's street-thug looks and his chivalric ideals. I enjoyed the Philadelphia setting with its working-class bars serving pierogies and pickle soup. This is my first encounter with Lisa Scottoline, and I’m impressed.