Saturday, February 22, 2014

(15)Glitter and Glue by Kelly Corrigan

Glitter and Glue

Pages: 240
Publication Date: February 4, 2014

I first "met" Kelly Corrigan in 2008 when I read her first book The Middle Place and it turned out to be one of my favorite books ever.   Because of that, I was beyond excited to get a chance to review Glitter and Glue.

If you are familiar with The Middle Place you know that Kelly's relationship with her mother is unique, maybe even complicated, as is the case with many "Daddy's Girls"  and their mothers.  In Glitter and Glue, Kelly takes us back to the early 90's where she nanny's for a family in Australia after spending months backpacking abroad.  The Tanner family is unique in that they recently lost their beloved mother, Ellen.  It is then and there with Milly and Martin that Kelly really starts to understand  her own mother.  As she deals with the grief that these young children face, but don't fully understand she often thinks about her mother and hears her voice when she finds herself saying things her mother would say and do things her mother would do.  It was with those two children that Kelly first starts to understand that her mother wasn't a strict Catholic mother because she wanted to ruins Kelly's life, but because she loves Kelly and cares about the woman she grows up to be.  Will Kelly's new-found understanding translate into a better relationship with her mother?

There is no doubt that Kelly Corrigan is a gifted writer.  She was almost lyrical in her descriptions and observations of her mother.  As someone close in age to the author and having grown up with a very devout mother, I could find myself relating to her memories. Her observations were very thought-provoking as I think about my own mother and our relationship.   But, especially, I enjoyed how Kelly's mind went directly to Martin, Milly and their mother when presented with her own mortality.  She saw first hand what the death of a mother did to young children and she was worried about her own young children.

Bottom line, Glitter and Glue is one of those heart-warming books that would be the perfect book to share with your own mother or daughter.  Mother's Day will be upon us soon and this book would be the perfect book for your own two person book club. It will be sure to generate discussion about your relationship with each other and that is never a bad thing, right?


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