Tuesday, June 25, 2013

(53)Always Watching by Chevy Stevens

Always Watching 

Publication Date: June 18, 2013
Pages: 352

Remember when I shared with you that scary psychological thriller, Never Knowing?  It wasn't all that long ago, like last week?  Well guess what, the good doctor, Nadine, is back in her own book, Always Watching.

Nadine has given up her private practice to go back to the city and is working at the local hospital.  She is glad to be part of a working team again when a suicidal young woman is brought into the hospital.  She just lost her baby and the commune where she was staying with her husband was just too intense for her to handle.  When Nadine starts asking more questions she realizes that the "commune" is the same place with the same leader as the cult that Nadine, her mother and her older brother lived with when she was a young child.  All those memories that she has suppressed for years come flooding back and instills terror when she realizes that her own at-risk child is at the commune.  Will Nadine be able to prove that Aaron Quinn is the monster that she knows him to be?  And will she be able to stop him before he does irreparable damage to her daughter?

Nadine was such an important character in Never Knowing, but we never really got to know her.  It was great to see her become a main character.  Nadine's back-story is pretty fascinating, but she had blocked out so many of the memories from her time at the commune, her new client forces her to think about that time and some of those dark memories start coming back.  The memories that start coming back are dark and ugly and explains so much about the person Nadine has become.   Nadine is such a complex character and her relationship with her daughter is a bit puzzling, because it doesn't seem like Nadine would be the kind of control freak that her daughter makes her out to be.  The relationship Nadine has with her brother is just a distant, it makes me feel sad for her, because essentially, Nadine is alone.   It makes it easy to feel sorry for Nadine because she does seem so alone, even if her own behaviors have something to do with that.   And then there is the whole cult aspect, that alone is enough make you sit up and pay attention.

Bottom line, while Always Watching wasn't nearly as terrifying for me as Never Knowing, there was still the underlying element of fear. If you are ready for a read to make your hair stand on end without requiring a night light, Always Watching will be for you. Give it a read and let me know what you think.


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