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(52)Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens

Never Knowing
by Chevy Stevens

Publication Date: May 7, 2012
Pages: 480

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Sara Gallagher has always known that she was adopted.  No matter how much her Mother and Sisters loved her, her Father never let her forget that she was not one of them.  Sara has always wondered about her birth parents, but never pulled the trigger to find out the details.   Sara is engaged to a wonderful man, Evan, and they have a beautiful young daughter and she is finally ready to know.  Sara requests her birth certificate, then hires a Private Investigator.   Sara is not prepared to discover that her mother was the lone survivor of the Campsite Killer.  Her father is a serial killer that has terrorized Canada for over twenty years.  When a tabloid website gets wind of that news, Sara receives a call from the man called John, her father.  This contact puts Sara at the center of one of the largest manhunts ever. Will Sara go against Evan's wishes and help the police track down a man who has eluded them for decades?  What will her family do when they find out that Sara's biological father is a serial killer?  And what will happen if the police DON'T catch him?

Man, there is nothing like listening to a thriller like Never Knowing while walking in a deserted park.  Seriously a great motivator to move faster.   Sara tells her story through a series of sessions with her psychiatrist.   She has been seeing her psychiatrist for years to help her deal with her anger issues, which now she knows she comes by honestly.  While Nadine is Sara's closest confidant we never hear her "voice" while listening to this book, it is all Sara.  Sara Gallagher is a great character, I felt so frustrated for her with her relationships with her family, especially her dad, not her serial killer father, but her dad.  She tried so hard to please him and he was such a tough character, but he WAS there for her when she needed him most.   At the same time, I found myself getting frustrated at times with Sara, much like Evan did. She was so "wishy-washy" in her decisions I just wanted to scream at her myself.  And she is a fictional character!  Never Knowing is a very fast paced story with all sorts of conflict happening  that really pulled me in and made it hard for me to shut it off.

Bottom line, Chevy Stevens is a rare talent.  She writes such scary books.  I think scary is a good word.  Her psychological thrillers are written in a way that leaves you looking over your shoulder and Never Knowing is a perfect example of that.  If you are looking for a great thriller to keep you up at night, stock up on the caffeine and pick up Never Knowing.


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