Saturday, August 18, 2012

(116)Criminal by Karin Slaughter


Publication Date: July 3, 2012
Pages: 448

Loyal fans of Karin Slaughter's know Will Trent.  They know he grew up in basically an orphanage & his childhood was one that nightmares are made of.  In her new book, Criminal, Karin Slaughter dives into Will's past when his father is released from prison and women start turning up dead. 

Told in a series of flashbacks mixed in with what is going on in present day, we get a better understanding for Will's heritage and how Evelyn Mitchell and Amanda Wagner got to be such good friends.  We also get a better understanding of the relationship between Will and Amanda.   So much was explained in Criminal, that I found myself saying "ahhhh, now it makes sense".    It was also really fascinating to see what Evelyn and Amanda had to go through as women in the early days of equal rights.  Their generation paved the way for me and me.  I am eternally grateful for what they had to put up with in order for me to work in a male dominated world. 

Bottom line, loyal readers of Karin Slaughter will be interested in Criminal.  The back story of will Trent alone makes it a fascinating read.  It may be a little hard for non Will Trent fans to pick this one up and not be lost.  If you have read her other books, you will not be lost and you will be appreciate the history given.  And of course, as always,  there is a great mystery in between all of the history.


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