Tuesday, August 14, 2012

(115)Sweet Talk by Julie Garwood

Sweet Talk 

Publication Date: August 7, 2012
Pages: 365

Olivia McKenzie thinks that she is going to a job interview, but little does she know that she is stumbling into the middle of an FBI sting. After being manhandled by the sleaze that is supposed to be interviewing her, she is rescued by the very handsome FBI Agent, Grayson Kincaid.  After the world's worst job interview, Olivia decides that it might be best for her to stick with her current job as a lawyer with the IRS, for it might be the only way to bring down her slime ball of a Father.   As her investigation into her father continues, the extremely handsome Grayson keeps crossing her path.  Will he be able to keep her safe and help her bring down her father?

I  read Sweet Talk in bed the other morning (instead of cleaning house) and it was a really fast read.  I really enjoyed reading about Olivia and her "family" - especially getting their history together as children with cancer.  She is such a focused, determined, and very strong female character.  Just knowing what she went through after virtually being abandoned by her family, well, it really tugged at the heart strings. And it made me cheer her on even more as she tries to bring down her father. 

Bottom line, Sweet Talk *is* a romance novel, not erotica like the book I posted about yesterday - (the difference is the number of sex scenes) and sometimes when you read a romance novel you have to compromise plot for steamy sex scenes.  That is not the case with this novel, I think that Sweet Talk has one of the better plots, for a romance novel, that I have read lately.  If you are looking for plot AND steamy sex scenes, give this one a chance. You won't be disappointed!


Sara Bell said...

I have heard so many good things about Julie Garwood bu still have yet to read a single thing by her.

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