Monday, August 6, 2012

(112)12.21 by Dustin Thomason

by Dustin Thomason

Publication Date: August 7, 2012
Pages: 336

The Mayan Prophecy -- it is the once in a lifetime event that authors, movie directors, and fear mongers are milking it for every last dime they can get.   The latest author to take advantage of the Mayan Prophecy is Dustin Thomason. 

Set in California in December 2012, 12.21 starts out two weeks prior to the "big" date.  Dr. Gabriel Stanton is working at his lab trying to study incurable diseases for the CDC, like any other day, when he is called to the hospital where a patient who works for the Getty Museum and recently returned from Guatemala is ill with a disease that baffles the leading expert on infectious diseases.  It is not long before the disease spreads and entire sections of Los Angeles is put under quarantine. Dr. Stanton teams up with an expert in Mayan studies to track the movements of the ill patient and it leads them to the jungles of Guatemala.  Time is running out, will they be able to find a cure and save humanity before the Prophecy is fulfilled?

12.21 is a very fast paced doomsday type of novel. And you know how I love my Doomsday novels.   I typically like my Doomsday novels to have a little more "survival" and a lot less medical jargon, but the novel flew by so fast I hardly noticed. Dr. Stanton is a character that is easy to relate to, even if he is way smarter than I could ever hope to be.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this is one you need to check out.


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