Friday, August 3, 2012

(111)Lake Country by Sean Doolittle

Lake Country

Publication Date: July 31, 2012
Pages: 336

It is the fifth anniversary of a tragic car accident caused by a drowsy driver and killing an innocent young woman.  The accident set off a catastrophic chain of events for the victim's family.  Close family friend, Darryl Potter doesn't believe that the drowsy architect got an appropriate punishment for his deed and decides to exact a punishment that he deems fit.

Mike Barlowe served in Afghanistan with Darryl (and the brother of the accident victim) and is probably the only friend that Darryl has left on the planet.  He knows that Darryl's bad idea is coming from a place of pain and loyalty, so he sets off to Minnesota's Lake Country find him(and the young woman he kidnapped) before the police find him.  What he did not expect was that he would also be racing a tenacious reporter, a reality television host thirsty for fame and a ruthless thug/bookie going after the money Darryl took.  Who will find Darryl first and will the innocent young woman he kidnapped make it home safe and sound.?

Just look at the cover of Lake Country - that cover had me hooked from the very beginning.  It just looks spooky.  Like you should look over your shoulder this very moment. The story is very fast paced and Mike Barlowe is a very likable character. I really enjoyed watching his interactions with Juliet.  He showed a tenderness and kindness that almost surprised me, given what I knew about him up to that point.  The story is very fast paced, and when everybody is heading to the Lake Country, it was almost comical.  It was something that I could see easily translate to the big screen.

Bottom line -- Lake Country by Sean Doolittle is a wonderful crime novel that could easily hold it's own with books by big name authors like Dennis Lehane or Craig Johnson. The characters are realistic and the story is engaging.  What more could you want? Wait, I know!  When I went to check out the author's website, I was thrilled to see that he is also from Southwest Iowa!  When you are from such a small corner of the world, it is exciting to find someone who has walked the same roads you have.  So, go (!) read his book - you won't be disappointed!


Sara Bell said...

On my list! This sounds like a really good one... and yes, the cover SCREAMS "Look out!" =]

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