Wednesday, March 21, 2012

(38) Sexperiment: 7Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse by Ed & Lisa Young

Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse

Publication Date: January 10, 2012
Pages: 212

Back in 2008 I read a book by Douglas Brown called, Just Do It.  About a married couple who decided to have "relations" for 100 straight days.  It was a really fascinating book, and it is interesting for me to read the review that I wrote four years ago.

So much in my life has changed in the last four years.  Like I got married, moved 1000 miles away, and am very active in the lives of my two step-kids.   So, as a newly married woman, (two years is still "new" isn't it?) I was interested in reading Sexperiment.  To sum it up in one sentence, Sexperiment is the Biblical version of Just Do It.  Minus 93 days.

Sexperiment is written by Ed Young with some thoughts thrown in by his wife, Lisa.  He takes Bible passages, specifically the Songs of Solomon and tells you that having sex with your spouse is biblically required.  Okay, not exactly in those words.  But he basically says that the marital relationship(not just Sex) should be the center of the household and in many, many cases it is not.  He uses the term "Sexcuses" a lot.  Excuses we come up with when our spouse is feeling frisky, but we are not.  He makes comparisons that put things into perspective and even offers insights at the end of each chapter called "The Yolk is Not A Joke" for single people who are engaged or dating.

What I got the most out of this book was the needed reminder that marriage is about service and giving.  I needed that reminder. It is easy to fall into comfortable patterns with your spouse.  That doesn't mean that "comfortable" is necessarily bad, it just means that sometimes we need the reminder to not take our Spouses for granted. I don't necessarily agree with Mr. Young on everything he says, like about half of the Ten Commandments of Marriage, but I can see where they would be useful in a marriage that shares the same religious beliefs as Mr. & Mrs. Young.

If I have learned anything in my two years of marriages it is this, marriage is hard.  It is not all breakfast in bed and pretty flowers.  Work is required to make your marriage successful.  Work on yourself and work on your marriage.  Sexperiment offers you the chance to work on both.


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