Friday, July 25, 2008

(71) Just Do It by Douglas Brown

I was just mildly surprised to find this book on one of my recent jaunts to Goodwill. I mean the book has only been in stores for a few weeks. In my mind I conjured up the story that someone was so embarrassed to have the book in their home that they had to get rid of it IMMEDIATELY after reading.

Having said that, this book was excellent. It was a well written, well documented, true life love story. Doug & Annie have been married almost fourteen (I think) years. They have two young daughters, they have moved away from all of their family on the east coast to the Mile High City.

So between their busy life of raising children, work, and other family obligations, they feel their relationship shifting. Not drifting, but shifting. They decide to take on the challenge of having sex for 100 consecutive days. They let a few of their family & friends in on the task at hand. They consult their doctors & before you know it, they are kicking off the big sexpedition on New Years Day.

Douglas Brown then takes you through the next 100 days. From a sex industry conference in Las Vegas, to field trips to hotels. Doug & Annie make it happen. And Doug lets us take a peek at their lives. A peek at their love. For really this is a love story. They fall more deeper in love, they become more connected to each other, they create more of a relationship centric marriage, as opposed to a kid centric marriage.

The book is well written, light hearted, & FUN to read. It is not gratuitous or "X-Rated". Heck, the book is barely "R-Rated". In fact I found myself very envious of the strength of their bond & their relationship. I wonder if I will every find myself in a relationship that can attempt this kind of challenge. And given that the current guy in my life just moved to St Louis, I doubt I will anytime soon. (But for the record, I think he would LOVE to try a challenge like this!).


Just Do It is about much more than sex. It is about love, relationship, commitment, and marriage. An excellent book that I would highly recommend to any & all.


Lisa Mandina said...

I think I read about this one in Entertainment Weekly or something. It sounds good.

Ali said...

I just reviewed this book, too. Yours was the only other review on LT so I thought I'd pop over and read the rest. Funny that we said almost the same thing: You wrote, "Just Do It is about much more than sex. It is about love, relationship, commitment, and marriage." and my last sentence is "a reflection of far more important things--life priorities, enduring love, living "in the now"--than about how often any given couple chooses to do the deed." I read this book because I was curious, and I was really surprised by how good of a book it was. (My full review is here.)

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