Tuesday, August 23, 2011

(135)The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

The Language of Flowers

Publication Date: August 23, 2011
336 pages

Victoria Jones is a child of the system. Bounced around from foster home to foster home she has led a rough life and she is at the ripe old age of eight. Victoria really believes that she is unlovable, but her caseworker believes that she and Elizabeth are meant for each other. It takes a while, but Victoria even starts to believe it herself. But it all falls apart the day of the fire. The day that their whole world goes up in flames and Victoria goes back into the system.

Flash forward ten years and Victoria ages out of the system and finds herself homeless. She isn't homeless for long though when a flower shop owner discovers Victoria's hidden talent. You see, because of Elizabeth's teachings, Victoria speaks the Languages of Flowers, and translates that into the most spectacular of bouquets for her customers. But as she starts to become part of a community, people from her past start to show up in the most unexpected places. Will she finally be part of a family or is her belief that she is unlovable so ingrained that she lets the good things slip away?

The Language of Flowers is an incredible debut novel. The story of Victoria Jones is one that will make your heart ache. The story flows back and forth between Victoria at age eight and Victoria at age eighteen. The flashbacks are necessary, though to understand the Victoria of today. Eighteen year old Victoria has one thing in common with her younger version, she just wants to be loved. As the story progresses I just want to wrap Victoria in my arms and hug away all of the pain. As a reader, you want nothing more than for this lost soul to find love and happiness.

There are many parts of The Language of Flowers that will just shatter your heart, but have faith. Vanessa Diffenbaugh does right by Victoria Jones and you will pleased with the outcome of the story. The Language of Flowers is on sale today. Run, don't walk, to buy the book that everyone will be talking about.


Ελλάδα said...

This book will make you think and feel about the important of having loving parents. When reading and also writing this review, I had to stop and let my thoughts mill around. There were two times in the book that I wanted to reach in and prevent something from happening. There also was a surprise ending. There was no way that I would have guessed how this book would end!

Vanessa Diffenbaugh says that she was inspired for this book by the flower dictionaries that she had discovered in a used bookstore. The story would not work if the language of flowers was not included. But she married the story and the language so expertly that it is almost two stories that you get at the same time. Besides being an entertaining story, it also teaches.

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