Thursday, July 14, 2011

(108) Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan (Audiobook)

I think it is a rare person that does not have a smidgen of drama in their extended family. A crazy Aunt or a family squabble over land or even something so shocking as *gasp* a child being born out of wedlock. We all have something in those closets.

In her new novel, Maine, J. Courtney Sullivan, writes about three drama filled generations of Kelleher women. There is the matriarch, Alice. She is a staunch and rigid woman, utterly devoted to her Catholic church like a good Irish Catholic woman should be, but will her devotion rip apart her family? There is her daughter, Kathleen. A recovering alcoholic who is the complete opposite of her mother in every way possible, or is she? Ann Marie is married to the only Kelleher son and has been the dutiful daughter that Kathleen could never be. And finally there is Maggie, Kathleen's daughter, who has found herself in a precarious predicament and is not sure how to proceed.

A misccomunication over scheduling brings all four of these women to the Kelleher beach home in Maine. Will they be able to set aside old family drama and enjoy their summer vacation or will the drama tear their family apart once and for all?

I really enjoyed this novel. The writing is absolutely superb. The characters walk that thin line of love and hate. I could relate the most with Maggie. Her dating experiences, her relationship with her mother, her relationship with her Grandmother. I did NOT like Kathleen and her self righteous indignation. There were several times through the novel that my jaw dropped and I said "Oh my God". The Kelleher's aren't unlike any other American family. There are different personalities and differing opinions, but when it comes right down to it, family is everything and the love is unconditional.

If you are looking for a good American family type of drama, heck if you are just looking for a well written piece of literature, pick up Maine. You won't regret your choice.


Espana said...

Maine is beautifully written and rich with many layers. I'm very glad I read it, though I firmly agree with other reviewers who say the blurb and title don't describe the book accurately and that they are misleading. This didn't stop me from enjoying the book, though, but I can understand how readers might purchase it, thinking they're getting a certain kind of book only to find it isn't anything like they thought it would be and be very disappointed. Again, this book is certtainly not going to fall into the category of beach reading for anyone.

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