Tuesday, July 12, 2011

(107)Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner

I have a love/hate relationship with Jennifer Weiner's novels. Some are good, some are just "meh". I must say that Then Came You is one of her better novels.

Then Came You is a book about four women involved in the emotional world of infertility. There is Annie, the woman who hopes that the money she gets from being a surrogate will help solve her problems and heal her marriage. There is Jules, the young college student, who uses the money from donating her eggs to put her Father through rehab. Again. There is India, the infertile "trophy-wife" who hopes the baby about to be born will fully cement her into her husband's world. And finally there is Bettina, India's suspicious step-daughter who suspects that India is hiding something sinister. These women are all involved in creating the young life that is about to be born. Their bond is irrevocable.

Infertility is such an emotional topic for anyone who has experienced the heartache of not being able to have a baby. Jennifer Weiner takes that topic and tells a story from all sides. She has done an achingly wonderful job. These women are all very different women at very different places in their lives. Yet they have come together to create a life. A whole new spin on "It takes a village." I enjoyed this book. The character development was certainly one of Weiner's best. While I have never had to deal with the heartwrenching feeling of wanting a baby, but not being able to have one, I now have a better understanding of how the whole surrogacy thing works and how each step impacts the lives of those involved. Great summer read.


Lisa Mandina said...

I've only read one of Jennifer Weiner's books, Good in Bed. And I enjoyed it. However most of the rest of her books just didn't appeal to me from what I read they were about. That's because I have trouble reading books about things I don't relate to. While this sounds like a good book I might pass on to someone I know with this problem, it still doesn't sound like I'd relate to it. But good review!

Danmark said...

This was my first Jennifer Weiner novel & based on this book I would read her other work. The book is about a fairly controversial topic. It shows several different sides of the topic from several different character upbringings & lifestyles. I loved the ending & the book club questions at the end. It's a very empowering collection of female stories.

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