Monday, May 23, 2011

(74)What I Learned When I Almost Died by Chris Licht

It seems like recently, anyone who has had a near death experience gets a book deal. Famous not famous, good story or not a good story they sell their story to the closest publisher.

What I Learned When I Almost Died is a bit different and I will tell you why. Chris Licht, executive producer of the MSNBC morning show, Morning Joe, did not give up everything and move to a topical island, he didn't give up his high powered job to work with kittens. The title indicates that Chris Licht did change, by giving up his Blackberry, but really, when Chris Licht almost died, he got to truly see how many people loved him and that they would do ANYTHING, including asking Vice President Joe Biden to pull some strings. For the record, he did.

That realization, that he was loved by many, was almost more powerful to Chris Licht than the fact that he almost died. To read it on paper and watch the realization spread over him was a powerful thing for the reader.

I have never watched Morning Joe, heck I had to google to put faces to the names, but Chris Licht's story was powerful little story. It is a very fast read at just shy of 200 pages, but there is a great possibility of a huge impact. If there is a guy in your life who really doesn't get how loved they are, this might be the perfect Father's Day gift for him.


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