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Sunday, May 22, 2011

(73)The First Husband by Laura Dave

So, Annie Adams is living the dream. Her job as a travel writer takes her all over the world, she has the most amazing best friend, and even better yet, her best friend's brother, Nick, has been the love of her life for five years. Life is simply amazing.

Until that one fateful day she watches Roman Holiday. It seems to be a cursed movie for Annie, with bad things happening in her life right after watching the classic movie. This time is no different. Nick announces he wants to break up. After five years together to say Annie is crushed is a great understatement. She rebounds with the ever charming Griffin and in three months she is married to Griffin and moving to the other side of the country. Married life turns out to be tougher than Annie expected and to make matters worse, Nick shows up with an engagement ring. Will Annie give up Griffin for Nick or will she stick with The First Husband?

The First Husband was a fast read. I enjoyed Annie and her story, I even felt I could relate to her in certain situations - you know like the whole getting married fast and moving across country. I was really happy with her decision in the end, because it was a tough decision to make and I really think she stayed true to herself, which is sometimes a rare thing to find in some Chick Lit novels.